354.fi – esamakela.fi – Minä olen WebDev, DevOps ja intohimonani on luoda mikropalveluita sekä verkkosivuja.

354.fi – esamakela.fi


Web services and virtualization

I started web development already very young. Everything started by editing and playing with others platforms. When I was 15 years old I had already couple of forums and 5 websites online. Nowadays it’s quite easy for me to create web services.

Brand and corporate identity

At my young age I played a lot of guitar and sang songs in my own band. Band activity gave me a need for advertising and brand my own activities. Along with drawing I started making raster, vector and 3d graphics.

Marketing and reach

In Internet you shouldn’t have your websites without purpose, it is suggested to collect as many visitors, or correct visitors for your website. New customers, leads and contacts. Being the first one in web searches has always been my target and when I wanted I’ve always got there.

Subscription letters

Customers, contacts and partners should always be contacted often by sending them news and starting conversations. I’ve also researched for marketing and marketing automation. Like how to analyze the reach of interest and click through rate.

Forums and communities

Community and communications help enterprises grow. Problems get solved faster and processes can be made more precise. This sort of functions ie. support customer service and product development via feedback. Though they can have diverse variety of use cases.

Modern and responsive

When developing , I use last technologies, which help websites and other products to function on different set of devices. Desktop, Tablets and phones. During my work I’ve tried to follow latest requirements and standards like GDPR, WCAG 2.1.

Open source and good documentation

Development I usually actively use open source projects, So I don’t need to figure out how to make bicycle again and again (it’s a Finnish saying idk how about in English). Open source projects are developed by big communities.

Secure and trustable

Programs and their safety is being developed and measured all the time in the universities and big open communities, where the code itself if available for everyone to see. Data science researchers also search for vulnerabilities or things to patch up and notify about them.

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2015-2016 NCHU Chinese program levels 1-3 (9m 3h /d)
2010-2012 JEDU Media-assistant Web, Video, Design, Audio
2006-2009 Alajärvi 2nd high school Matriculation examination Biology, geology

Work experience:

2017- Mainostoimisto Riima Web-dev Websites
2014-2015 Enia Oy Telecom sales Elisa/Saunalahti
2013 Seinäjoki Library Civil service Assistant librarian
2011-2012 Järviseudun Sanomat Compiling newspaper, Ad production Summer work
2011-2012 Ahaa Mainos Trainee Production in advertisement company
2010 Järviradio Radio host Summer work
2006 Ruukki Oy Packaging Steel products


2018 Cloud computers DevOps Sort of similar to Geforce Now, Playstation Now services
2018 Mind maps Data visualisation Mind maps on browser
2018 Linux research DevOps Study on Linux
2017 Finland 100 video Resourcing Production order for yle.fi
2017 PXIE Boot Linux LAN Operating system Installation
2017 Diskless remote boot linux DRBL LAN Network bootable computer
2016 Seafile Cloud filesystem Installation
2016 OpenStack DevOps Virtualization
2016 Docker DevOps Container techology
2016 Mycroft AI AI cmake
2016 EHCP WEB DEV Hosting management
2016 Mumble Kommunikaatio VoIP server installation
2016 Teamspeak server Communications VoIP server installation
2015 XMPP Communication XMPP server installation
2013-2014 Music production Music Audio production
2011-2012 Piippolan Uutiset Web News Founder
2010-2011 Cashier School community Cashier and vice chairman
2007-2009 Band Music Guitar, composing, singing
2006 Foorumit WEB DEV Own forums
2005 CS & TS server Web servers localhost


Chinese (Mandarin) Basics
English Good
Finnish Native


Web services Docker, Drupal, Joomla, Linux serverit, Magento, Moodle, Odoo, PHPBB, WordPress, WooCommerce, WPMU, Virtualbox, Virtualsamakela.fibricks
Graphics Adobe CC, Blender 3D, GIMP, KRITA, Inkscape
Web-kehitys Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Sass, SEO, Docker, -Compose, MySQL, npm, Node.js, PHP, Postgresql, Apache2, XAMPP, EHCP, i-mscp, Git, Linux
Kommunikaatio Jabber, XMPP, Mumble, Teamspeak, voIP, SIP
Muut FLStudio, Electron, NW.js, Unity, Bitnami, Google Analytics

Show offs:

Developing game

Check the video in Youtube, pressing image

Uebergame development, map design, particle effects.


During my school time at media, I made Järviseudun Sanomat news paper summer edition. Compiled the whole news paper and some advertisement design as well.

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email: esa(at)354.fi